• Challenges & Reality


Editions Art&Privilège / September 2015

The book Challenges and Reality, which features photos taken by Maher Attar, captures the inspiring and sometimes harrowing journeys of children from ten countries, in pursuit of education. Challenges and Reality was commissioned by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Founder of Education Above All and was inspired by UNESCO’s The Cradle of Inequality, released over a decade ago. It featured the work of photographer Sebastio Salgado and writer/poet Cristovam Buarque.

  • Doharama


Editions Art&Privilège / October 2010

Qatar is on the move, making giant strides towards the future. And Doha is at the heart of this majestic evolution. But the city’s past lives on, unforgotten, orienting us in the present.

Through my photographs, I invite you to reappraise the presence of the past. My work questions the traces left by history, casting fresh light on ancient origins while examining contemporary life in the city.


  • On the road to school  directed by Maher Attar 

couvOnTheRoad-1Editions Art&Privilège / October 2009

We reach out to children for the pleasure of sharing with them the best things we have. As a professional photographer, I wanted to use the On the Road to School project to teach my skills and pass on my passion for photography. My meeting with ROTA enabled me to transform that idea into reality and be a part of what was a very special experience.





  • Portraits … Lebanon

0_Couv1Editions Art&Privilège / October 2008

Portraits. Black & White. Homage to the art of captured moments, Photography, memory of human’s nature.

Portraits. Light & Shadows. Lebanon is imprinted through a set of celebrities’ portraits, in which each of them contribute towards the brightness of the Land of the Cedar tree.

Portraits. Questions & Answers. Replicas in words. Deep, sweet, joyful, colorful, delicate and moving words.




  • Once upon a time … Souk Waqif 

Couv_SoukEditions Art&Privilège / Otcober 2007 / Edited in 4 versions : English, Arabic, French, Spanish

In Once upon a time … Souk Waqif , Maher Attar captures the beauty of Souk Waqif, which is as vibrant today as it was centuries ago, when Doha was just a small village.
A unique environment in the very heart of Doha, the capital, Souk Waqif is an authentic cultural oasis, the jewel in the crown of a city that has succeeded in reviving its historical past.



  • Bonheur

0_Couv-BonheurArt&Privilège Editions / November 2006

Black & White Photography Lovers would enjoy discovering, through the pages, the story of a cabaret dancer from backstage at famous Lido in Paris, where photographer Maher Attar captured private moments. “I chose to shoot in black and white because, according to me, it does reveal but does not betray”.






  • A 20 Year Journey

Témoignages sur 20 ans

MGA production / 2003

Two decades have passed and the quest continues to capture an instant in time. In our marvellous, frightening times.
Photography bears witness to the fleeting moment. A subtle blend of chance and work. At heart, I am a man of the Orient. For me, openness, respect and trust are the indispensable ingredients of a successful reportage.

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